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Butterfly cut, at the forefront of fashion

The butterfly cut or simply the butterfly has become the most in-demand cut in hairdressing salons in 2022. Here’s how you too can create the most viral cut around.  

Influenced by 70s nostalgia, the layered butterfly cut has conquered every generation starting with Gen Z. The cut is flooding social media with images of super flattering makeovers. If you have long hair and you haven't dared to wear it yet, this is your last chance to do so. 

Why does everyone love the butterfly cut? 

The reason for the success of the butterfly cut is that it is the perfect option for XL hair lovers, since it creates a whole new look without sacrificing the length of the hair. We are talking about a “two in one” cut, which combines all the freshness and style of a bob cut and the charm of long hair. 

How is the butterfly structure created? 

The butterfly cut is a deep layered cut with curtain bangs that hang low. Shorter layers go on top to create volume, while long layers retain all the essence of an XL mane. The result is a very flattering cut that adapts to all faces. 

How to style the butterfly cut? 

The best way to style the butterfly cut to achieve the retro style of the seventies is with the parting in the middle and the bangs to the sides with disperse ends. Our stylists recommend working the hair with Salerm Brushing and a blow dryer to give shape and volume to the cut. To finish, we can give texture to the hairstyle with Volume Dust 01 powder to create a more casual style. 

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