Salerm Cosmetics forms part of the VMV Cosmetic Group, one of the largest Spanish multinationals dedicated to the world of hair cosmetics. The group founded by Víctor Martínez Vicario is the result of a journey made by everyone, where the desire to work, the enthusiasm and involvement of many people who have believed in the project and have made it their own have prevailed. We transmit a philosophy of work and motivation to the whole team, where the client, the hairdressing professional is the most important thing, we feel it as our own. Every step we take we ask ourselves what they want, what they think, what the client would like? That is the secret. The hairdressing sector was always a fundamental pillar in our founder's life, that is why we are so committed to this profession and to this project. Don Víctor Martínez Vicario always said that in hairdressing you create illusion in people, they come out of a salon with a different face... "Hairdressing is art, it is creating in each hair, in each head. Every day is different from the previous one. You have very close contact with your clients and you can be very creative, so it's not routine. That's why it's one of the most beautiful professions in the world.

VMV Cosmetic Group

Passion and leadership with the goal of maximum wellbeing

Presence on 5 continents through our own network of branches in 25 countries. Advisors and experts available at all times.

Donation to organisations such as Caritas or the Spanish Association Against Cancer. 100% subsidised education for future stylists.

More than 60 years of presence in the professional market with more than 1,500 employees worldwide.

Strict control and evaluation in all developments and selection of raw materials of the highest quality.

High degree of technical specialisation. Own R+D+I of more than 60,000 m2 of industrial land in Llissà de Vall (Barcelona).

Divisions of hairdressing furniture and appliances, wigs and extensions, plastic processing and aerosols.

Own delegations