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What are bronde highlights and will they suit me?

Bronde highlights are emerging as a versatile, contemporary trend that fuses the best of two seemingly opposite styles: blonde and brown. If you're wondering what exactly bronde highlights are and whether they might be right for you, this article will give you a detailed look to help you determine if this trend will complement your hair type and personal style. We'll explore how bronde highlights can add dimension and brightness to your hairstyle, as well as the different techniques and shades available to suit a variety of stylistic preferences. 

What are bronde highlights?  

Bronde highlights represent a sophisticated color technique that fuses blonde and brown tones to achieve an elegant and natural result. The term bronde comes from the combination of the words brown and blonde, which perfectly reflects the essence of this trend. This color is celebrated for its ability to add subtle hints of light to hair, creating a flattering and versatile effect suited to a wide range of skin tones, warm or cool. The magic of bronde highlights lies in their ability to offer a radiant and natural finish, providing depth and dimension to the hair without being too flashy.  

This style is very popular because it easily adapts to different hair types and personal styles, offering a modern and very flattering result.  

The idea behind bronde highlights is to achieve a sun-kissed effect, with flashes of light that intertwine with the hair’s natural shade. Unlike traditional highlights, bronde highlights focus on creating a smooth and gradual transition between blonde and brown tones, resulting in a look that’s dimensional and modern. 

How do you create bronde highlights? 

Bronde highlights are achieved through a variety of color techniques, the most common being balayage and babylights. Balayage involves applying color strategically to create an effect of light and dimension. On the other hand, babylights are ultra-thin highlights designed to mimic a natural result. 

During a bronde highlighting service, your stylist will carefully select shades of blonde and brown that complement your natural hair color and skin tone. The key is to achieve a harmonious balance between light and dark tones to create depth. Caramel, honey or sand tones, applied in different intensities, are ideal to achieve the desired effect.  


It is important to highlight the importance of the stylist's advice in the choice of shades when it comes to the bronde technique. Personalized advice guarantees balanced and natural results, avoiding any risk of an unflattering finish.  

How do I take care of my hair after having bronde highlights? 

Once you’ve got your bronde highlights, it's essential to take proper care of your hair to keep color fresh and the hair healthy. Here are some pro tips:  

  1. To maintain the color and vibrancy of your bronde highlights, it's essential to use professional products designed specifically for color-treated hair. Try the Color Longer range from the Hair Lab line, which is formulated to prolong the intensity and coverage of color, as well as keep your hair healthy and shiny. These products contain quality ingredients that help seal the color in the hair cuticle, thus preventing it from fading prematurely.
  2. Protecting your hair from the sun is crucial to preserving the color and health of your bronde highlights. UV rays can cause discoloration and damage to color-treated hair. Use sunscreen products designed specifically for your hair, such as Salerm 21 Bi-Phase, which not only protect against UV rays, but also hydrate and condition your hair. Apply this type of sunscreen before sun exposure for extended periods to keep your bronde locks looking radiant and healthy.
  3. To avoid damaging your bronde highlights, limit the use of heat tools such as dryers, wands and styling irons. Excessive heat can cause the color to fade more quickly. And, in the case of heat styling tools, make sure to always apply a good quality heat defense product to your hair beforehand. This will help protect your bronde highlights from the damaging effects of heat, while maintaining their shine and softness.

Do bronde highlights look good on brunettes? 

Bronde highlights can be extremely flattering for brunettes, as this coloring style can easily suit a variety of skin tones and hair colors. For brunettes with warm skin tones, bronde highlights with golden and honey highlights can brighten the skin and add warmth to the hair. On the other hand, brunettes with cooler skin tones can opt for bronde highlights with ash or beige highlights to create a soft and flattering contrast. 

As we mentioned earlier, before deciding on bronde highlights, we recommend a consultation with an experienced stylist. A professional will be able to evaluate your skin tone, natural hair color, and personal style to recommend the shades that best suit you. 

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