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VMV Cosmetics Group Foundation launches new website

VMV Cosmetic Group Foundation is celebrating the new school year and this year’s allocation of Adelánte study grants by updating its website. It’s now more funcional and easier to use, both for grant applications and financial help, as well as access to the information on the services provided by the Foundation. VMV Cosmetic Group Foundation is celebrating the launch of its new website! We start the new school year with a new identity, an updated design with the aim of sharing the activities carried out by our Foundation, a personal project of the Group’s founder Mr Victor Martinez Vicario. It was set up in 2008 with donations from the Martinez Ribes family, whose members are the patrons of the organization and the companies which make up VMV Cosmetic Group. The founder always said that creating the Foundation was not a choice for him, because he believed that he had an obligation to put something back into the sector which had given so much to him.  The institutional part of the Foundation website welcomes us with a letter from the president, Mrs. Ana Ribes and allows us to understand its mission, vision and values and the legacy of Mr Victor Martinez Vicario. The website also offers information about the grants offered by the Foundation which are designed to cover first year hairdressing studies, whether through public or private colleges. It also lists the associated training centers; gives you direct access to the grant application form and specifies acceptance criteria along with instructions for the necessary documentation to be uploaded.  The website also offers the option of presenting requests for other types of help to be studied by the Foundation Committee.  Lastly, the new website has a complete section dedicated to the patronage, charitable actions and sponsorships which have already been carried out by VMV Cosmetic Group Foundation in conjunction with other entities such as the Stanpa Foundation, the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC) and Caritas (Catholic charitable organization). We invite you to come and visit the updated VMV Cosmetic Group website here And if you’re interested in other articles like VMV Cosmetics Group Foundation launches new website, or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest
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