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A perfectly straight finish and zero frizz thanks to the Straightening range

Discover the 3 Straightening products that will help you take control of your mane and be the proud owner of frizz-free locks this summer. 

Holidays near the sea are wonderful. The relaxed atmosphere, the afternoons in the sun, the long lunches... But not everything is so idyllic at this time. High temperatures, chlorine in swimming pools and sea water will make your hair dehydrated and more sensitive to irons and dryers. Also, if your hair tends to frizz; regaining control of your hair in summer can be a constant struggle. 

Experts in hair cosmetics recommend increasing hair care during these months and incorporating products that protect the hair fiber into your hair care routine. Our Straightening range is the perfect treatment to achieve this goal. 


Straightening Shampoo for better protected hair 

The sulfate-free shampoo with a thermo-protective effect from the Straightening range has been specially designed to protect hair from hair irons and dryers. Using this shampoo will allow us to work on our hair during the summer without punishing the hair fiber. In addition, thanks to its formula with hydrolyzed keratin it has an anti-humidity effect which will allow us to achieve greater control of our hair. 

Straightening Gel for frizz-free hair 

Another great ally for the summer months is the Straightening Gel. A product that, despite the high temperatures, will allow us to keep our hair in place and achieve a long-lasting, laminated straight finish. 

To apply it, we place some into the palm of our hand and spread through the hair. It can be applied on wet or dry hair. Once the gel has been applied, we can use our iron to straighten. 

Straightening Spray, the finishing touch for straight and shiny hair 

For the final finish we use the Straightening Spray. This spray will enhance the hair’s natural shine and hold the style in place to keep it looking perfect for hours. 

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