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Frizz: how can I beat it?

We’ve got the definitive treatment for eliminating frizz and helping you to regain control of your mane. InterestedDiscover the three steps to beautifulsoft and shiny hair.  Achieving frizz-free hair can become a daily battle. Without a good care and repair routine, external aggressions continually damage hair and leave it looking dull and unmanageable. To regain control of our hair, we recommend you choose a treatment that combats the root of the problem.    

Why does my hair get so frizzy? 

According to our hair experts a lack of hydration is the main cause for the appearance of frizz. Hair tries to restore hydration by absorbing atmospheric moisture and this causes it to frizz.   But we shouldn’t just focus on dehydration, a lack of nutrients can also be behind dull and out-of-control hair.   

How can I nourish, hydrate and protect hair to prevent frizz? 

There are several tricks you can use to reduce frizz, but the most effective solution is to choose a hair care treatment that nourishes and hydrates the hair on the deepest possible level.   The Salerm Cosmetics technical team recommends Yellow Shot from the Biokera Fresh rangeA 3-step treatment especially designed to repair hair and prevent frizz.  Step 1. Yellow Shot Shampoo: a shampoo with NO sulfates or parabens which contains all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to become fully restored  Step 2. Yellow Shot Mask: a mask that is 100% vegan and hydrates hair to prevent frizz.  Step3. Yellow Shot Oil: the finishing touch for shiny and frizz-free hair.    So now you know the secret to frizz-free hair. Why not try it out and let us know how it went...    And if you’re interested in other articles like Frizz: How can I beat it? or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Pinterest. 
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