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Hair Lab: innovation and sustainability in professional hair treatments

Hair Lab is the new line of professional hair care treatments from Salerm Cosmetics. A wide range of treatments that are the result of a long process of research, development and innovation (R+D+I) carried out by the Salerm Cosmetics team to guarantee exceptional quality results.  

Hair Lab offers a wide variety of hair solutions and has been carefully designed to cover the needs of all types of hair with the aim of becoming the stylist's number one ally. Let's explore the different product families that make up this extensive line: 

Aqua Infusion: moisturizing and anti-frizz 

This family of products is designed to restore softness, manageability and shine to hair. It is suitable for frequent use and is ideal for all hair types, especially dry and devitalized hair. If you're looking for softer, more manageable hair, Aqua Infusion is the perfect choice. 

Liss Control: smoothing and protection 

If you're dream is to have smooth, frizz-free hair, the Liss Control range will be your favorite. It offers shine, discipline and heat defense up to 200°C, making it the perfect choice as a follow up to straightening treatments. 

Color Longer: Color Protection 

The Color Longer range of products prolongs color duration and protects hair against free radicals, solar radiation and color loss through oxidation. 

Protein Force: Repair & Nutrition 

For damaged hair that needs intense repair and nourishment, the Protein Force range is the right treatment.  It restores hair strength and vitality, resulting in healthier and more resistant hair. 

Volume Up: volume and vitality 

The Volume Up line offers an instant volumizing and invigorating effect, restoring hair’s natural body and texture. For thicker and energized hair. 

Scalp Solution: soothing effect and scalp protection  

The Scalp Solution range brings balance back to sensitive, inflamed or irritated scalps. It offers a relaxing anti-stress effect and restores balance to your scalp. 

Dandruff: control  

Designed for dandruff control, this purifying product range cleanses and relieves scalp itching and irritation. Say goodbye to dandruff with the Dandruff range. 

Oily: control 

The Oily hair care range offers effective oil control, normalizing sebaceous gland function and maintaining the balance of the scalp. 

Energy: stimulation 

For those concerned about hair loss, Energy is the plumping and stimulating hair range. It helps to slow down hair loss, improve hair growth and increase the quality and density of the hair fiber. 


In addition to specific treatments, Hair Lab also has a product range especially for stylists: the Pro-Tech range. Pro-Tech products can be used to complement a salon service. Featured products include a color sealing shampoo, mask and vials as well as deep hydration treatments. 

Commitment to sustainability 

The Hair Lab line represents a significant step forward for Salerm Cosmetics in its commitment to sustainability. We have achieved a 51% reduction in the use of plastic in our packaging, contributing to the preservation of the environment. In addition, we have optimized the packaging design to make it easier to recycle by completely eliminating dyes. We've also resized all of our packages, to maximize capacity, and we’re achieved all of this without compromising convenience or functionality. 

Hair Lab is the revolution in hair care that offers a solution for every hair type and concern. Salerm Cosmetics demonstrates its commitment to excellence and sustainability through this latest product range. Are you ready to transform your hair? Unleash the power of Hair Lab on your hair! 

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