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How can I add volume to fine hair?

Our hair plays a fundamental role in our image. We all want to have a thick and full mane. However, for those with fine hair, achieving this look can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are effective solutions that can help us bring our hair to life and get a fuller appearance. 


Tips for Adding Volume to Fine Hair 

In this article, we explore four practical tips to transform fine hair, for added body, volume, shine, and vitality. 


  1. Choose the right haircut

The first step in reaching this goal is to select the right haircut. Some cuts, such as layered cuts or staggered bob cuts, can create the illusion of thicker hair. Conversely, you should avoid straight cuts, as they tend to make fine hair look flat and lacking in dimension. Your stylist will be able to advise you on choosing the best cut for you. 


  1. Use products designed to add volume

One of the most effective ways to volumize fine hair is to employ products specifically formulated to achieve this effect. Treatments that contain ingredients such as caffeine and amino acids can help hair look more vigorous, voluminous, and healthy. Additionally, styling products, such as mousses, sprays, and texturizing powders, are great for adding extra volume and texture to your hair. 


  1. Learn how to enhance your look with the right hairstyle

The way you style your hair can make a big difference to how you look. Here are some tips for styling fine hair: 

  • Blow dry your hair upside down to lift the roots and add more volume from the base. 
  • Use a volumizing lotion before drying. 
  • Use a round brush when drying your hair to create soft, naturally volumizing waves. 
  • Avoid brushing your hair excessively. 
  • Consider using rollers or a styling iron to add texture. 


  1. Take care of your hair from the inside out

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is essential to maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. Be sure to incorporate foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals into your diet, as they play a critical role in strengthening hair. In addition, nutricosmetic supplements can be an additional help. 


Products to add volume to fine hair 

If you are looking for a specific treatment to boost your hair’s volume, we recommend Volume Up, the Salerm Cosmetics product range designed to have a volumizing and revitalizing effect. This treatment is especially suitable for fine and limp hair. 

The innovative Volume Up treatment consists of three products: the Volumizing Shampoo, the Volumizing Balm and the Voliminizing Lotion, all of which are formulated with revitalizing caffeine and a combination of amino acids that provide a push-up effect.  

For maximum results, we recommend applying the products in this range using a reverse routine: apply the Balm before the Shampoo. This way, you'll achieve clean, soft hair without adding weight to it. Finally, spray your hair with the Volumizing Lotion before blow drying. You'll love the result! 

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