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Multidimensional highlights, ready to knock balayage off the top spot?

Multidimensional highlights are becoming a big trend in hair salons everywhere. What are their winning ingredients? They give the wearer a natural finish while at the same time adding depth, volume and movement. Discover the technique and find out why it’s becoming so popular! Pay attention because the balayage technique has a new rival for its throne, multidimensional highlights. One of the keys to these highlights is, in general, that as well as flattering and brightening the skin, they offer endless possibilities. From thicker, more obvious highlights (which became popular in the nineties and start of the naughties) to the almost invisible, fine ones, which are  so on-trend right now. They allow you to create an endless variety of looks and adapt well to the personal style of each customer.

What are multidimensional highlights?

Multidimensional highlights are considered a variant and evolution of balayage, a technique where the color is swept through the hair from roots to ends. These are done freehand and don’t require the use of aluminum foil. What are the differences and factors which are making this new technique so popular right now? . Multidimensional highlights offer a more natural finish. . We can combine two or three different tones from the same chromatic range as the hair’s natural base color. This way we can, for example, play around with honey chestnut and copper shades; or medium and platinum blonde or light blonde with other medium blondes or platinums. What about the results? Always amazing ; .  They add depth, movement and volume. . They don’t alter the hair’s natural root color; a gradual fade that’s almost imperceptible is created from root to ends to simulate the hair’s natural color fade. . We can create contouring. This new technique allows us to highlight certain features by using lighter and darker tones on specific areas.

Multidimensional highlighting technique

Imagination plays an important role in this technique. We recommend creating them freehand using either a comb, your hands, a sponge or any other tool which allows you to create highlights of varying thickness without making them too obvious, so they become blended harmoniously together. They’ll look fabulous! And if you’re interested in other articles like Multidimensional highlights, ready to knock balayage off the top spot?, or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
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