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Red (hair) is the new blonde

Red is back like a phoenix from the ashes and is making such an impact that more and more celebrities are trying the copper look to give their hair a dash of color. Let’s get to know some of the best color options around! Get ready because soon you’ll be seeing redheads everywhere. This color has picked up in popularity and more and more blonde are going for copper hair. This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed among in celebrityland and more and more actresses and singers are showing the color off from their front row seats. Red is a color that comes in many tones and hues. However, the color that’s going to be really big in 2018 is Venetian copper. It really suits porcelain skin and soft features. This color is ideal because it can work well on a dark to light base. The beautiful Jessica Chastain is the best example of this hair color and the truth is that it looks amazing on her. tonos-de-pelirrojo-jessicaAnother color that’s in vogue is browny-red. It’s so popular because it has such a natural-looking finish. It shies away from striking or strong color, like fiery red, and goes instead for a blend based on chocolate or tobacco brown. This red is flattering on fair skin and light eyes like green, amber, brown or honey. tonos-de-pelirrojoRed allows you to mix and match different tones to create fade and add notes of color to your look, red gives us this flexibility. Darker and heavier at the root and lighter to the middle and on the ends. The idea is to boost luminosity. The level of darker or lighter shades will depend on the color of skin and eyes, always looking to keep the color as natural as possible. tonos-de-pelirrojo-degradeAnd if you’re interested in other articles like Red (hair) is the new blonde, or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.
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