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Recreating Karol G’s cherry red

Since the Colombian singer Karol G showed off her new look, the cherry red tone has become one of the most in-demand shades in hairdressing salons. Do you want to know how to recreate the look? Then keep reading! 


Last August, Karol G surprised us with a radical makeover. A few days earlier, the singer had already broadcast her intention to change her hair color and leave her blue phase behind through her Instagram stories. But the big surprise came when we saw the chosen shade, a bright and intense cherry red. However, Karol G is not the only one who has opted for this tone. A few days later, Rosalía also appeared with red hair at her first concert in Latin America, confirming the cherry red trend. 

Cherry red, the on-trend color worn by our favorite artists 

Cherry red is a strong color bursting with energy. A bold shade that leaves no-one indifferent. And, although it is a very striking color, it looks good on almost all faces, especially people with a warm complexion. 

How to create cherry red?  

To achieve Karol G’s vibrant shade first we need to bleach from the root to ensure that all the hair has the same base color for impeccable results. For this process, we recommend Decopaté bleaching powder, which will allow us to achieve the right level of lightening without punishing the hair fiber. Once we have the base ready, we apply the desired tone. 

The Salermvison hair color range offers us a wide variety of shades with a red reflect (.6) that will allow us to achieve the vibrant cherry red that we’re after. Salermvison color ensures vibrant, long-lasting color and excellent coverage. 

Following the color work, we use the Citric Balance treatment to correct the hair’s pH and to seal the cuticle. 

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