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Recover your damaged hair thanks to a selection of natural ingredients

If what you want is to take care of your hair with treatments that boast all the benefits nature has to offer, then the Biokera Natura product family should become your essential hair care ally. Here we give you the lowdown on the main natural ingredients present in the product range and the effect they have on hair. 

Do you know which are the best products for hair based on natural ingredients? 

Biokera Natura treatments are based on formulas with a high percentage of high-quality natural ingredients especially selected to treat specific hair needs: dryness or excess oils, dandruff, scalp irritation, hair loss... A range of products which draws on the power of nature and designed to cover all your hair’s needs. 

How important is it to use natural ingredients on your hair? 

Adopting a conscientious care model is not only a preferable choice, but an urgent necessity in a world where pollution and climate change are increasingly present threats. With responsible and sustainable management of resources, nature can provide us with a wide variety of beneficial ingredients for our hair, allowing us to create hair care routines that have less impact on the environment. 

Discover the natural ingredient for each specific need 

Choosing natural and sustainable ingredients doesn’t mean giving up product effectiveness. Fortunately, nature offers us a wide variety of ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and beneficial properties for our health. The cosmetic industry works hard to create formulas that maximize these benefits and when combined can be used to target specific conditions. 

Better natural ingredients to treat dry hair 

Dryness is one of the most frequent hair care issues. However, there are multiple natural ingredients that can help us maintain our hair’s moisture balance. We just have to know which are best and choose those treatments that contain them in their formulas. 

For example, wheat germ oil is one of the most recommended ingredients for treating dryness, thanks to its hydrating and repairing effect. We can find this ingredient in the Biokera Natura Moisturizing treatment and in the Wheat Germ Mask. 

Another interesting ingredient that can be used to combat dryness is aloe vera. This plant offers endless benefits for our skin and hair. Aloe vera not only provides us with hydration, but also offers a deep cleansing action, provides vitality and strength to the hair and improves its elasticity. The Biokera Fresh Green Shot treatment contains aloe vera in its formula, as well as apple, green tea and mint. 

Which natural ingredients can be used to care for curly hair? 

Curly hair is much more likely to suffer from a lack of nutrition due to its structure, as natural oils travel less easily through the hair fiber of curly hair than through straight. Therefore, these hairs need a supply of extra nutrients to look healthy and beautiful. The Biokera Fresh Yellow Shot treatment presents a formula with banana, ginseng, almond oil and other natural ingredients to replenish the hair's vitamins, minerals and natural oils for soft and healthy hair. A treatment that follows the of the curly method philosophy and offers all the steps required for hydrated, flexible and frizz-free curls. 

A variety of products with natuarl ingredients to keep hair healthy 

Biokera Natura goes far beyond the basics, we are talking about a very broad range which is well prepared to cover all hair needs thanks to some of the most powerful natural hair care ingredients. Within this family we can find: 

  • Argan oil that, thanks to its composition, can be used to replenish some of the oils that the hair loses and in so doing restore its softness and shine. This ingredient is present in the Biokera Natura Argan repair treatment, a combination of oils selected for enhanced results and a high-shine finish. 
  • Brewer's yeast is a product derived from the fermentation of cereals rich in zinc, folic acid, selenium and B vitamins, essential for the synthesis of keratin. This ingredient with sebum-regulating properties is present in Biokera Natura's Specific Oily Hair treatment. 
  • Flax oil helps to prevent a dry scalp and the appearance of dandruff. We can find this ingredient in Biokera Natura's Specific Dandruff treatment. 

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