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Straightening systems, which one suits your hair?

Among the Salerm Cosmetics shaping treatments we can distinguish two types of straightening: keratin straightening with temporary results and permanent straightening. 

Keratin treatments are straighteners that improve the condition of the hair temporarily without permanently modifying the internal structure of the hair. This type of straightening provides repair, hydration, softness and, in some cases, reduces frizz and volume. 

On the other hand, permanent straighteners modify the internal structure of the hair permanently with the objective of reducing or completely eliminating curl and improving volume control. 

Which straightener is most recommended for each type of hair? 

Keratin straighteners can be applied to all types of hair to improve its strength and appearance. On the other hand, in the case of permanent straightening, a more comprehensive diagnosis must be carried out before treatment, taking into account the hair’s condition, the previous processing the hair has been through and its porosity. 

Types of hair straightening 

Salerm Cosmetics offers different keratin and permanent treatments with different characteristics so that the hairdresser can meet the needs of each client. 

Keratin smoothing 

Our brand's keratin treatments are Keratin Shot, Co-wash and Kap's Filler. 

- Keratin Shot: keratin treatment that repairs the hair and can be applied either with or without a straightening effect. 

- Co-wash: a single-step keratin treatment to reduce application time. 

- Kap's Filler: treatment based on Kap's, a weaker protein that is more easily damaged. 

Permanent straightening 

The Salerm Cosmetics permanent keratin straightening treatments are Absolut Evolution 3.0 and Relaxer: 

- Absolut Evolution 3.0: straightening treatment modifies the hair structure with a lasting result. The areas where this product is applied will be permanently changed, maintaining an unaltering straight shape. 

- Relaxer: straightening treatment for kinky and/or coiled hair that guarantees an optimal result and hair that is more cared for, silky and conditioned. 

Advantages and disadvantages of permanent straightening types 

The main advantage of permanent straightening is that of achieving a permanently straight hairstyle, which does not change over time or with washing. 

As for the disadvantages, we can only mention the impossibility of returning to the natural shape of the hair. As they do not contain formalin, none of our permanent straighteners will cause any damage; on the contrary, after applying the treatment the hair will look more cared for, soft and shiny. 

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