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Summer hair care essentials kit

Hydrate, repair and protect your hair with the Salerm 21 treatment range. Take note of the ideal products for getting your hair ready for summer.  The sun, chlorine, sea water and extreme temperatures damage our hair without us even realizing. Although we can’t avoid it completely, we can repair and strengthen our hair so it’s ready to face the summer months. These are the essential products you should include in your hair care routine.   

Salerm 21 Shampoo, the first step in your daily hair care routine 

Start repairing your hair by washing with Salerm 21 Shampoo. Its formula with silk proteins, vitamin E and panthenol make it the best option when it comes to caring for damaged and dull hair. You’ll notice that your hair is soon stronger and healthier.    

Salerm 21, your number one ally for hair repair from within 

With 25 years of commercial success, Salerm 21 has become an essential hair care product for thousands of people. At the time of the year when hair suffers most from the effects of external aggression, this conditioner can be a lifesaver. The silk proteins present in the formula are capable of penetrating deep within the deepest layers of the hair shaft to repair the hair from within.    

Salerm 21 Bi-Phase, the protection your hair needs in summer 

The Salerm 21 BiPhase is, without a doubt, the star product for hair care and protection in the summer. This product has been specifically designed to protect the hair fiber from external aggressions: the sun’s rays, saltwater, chlorine, etc. A bi-phase formula that creates a protective layer and enhances shine and brightness.  

  This is our proposal for your summer hair care essentials kit. Which products would you choose? Tell us all about!    And if you’re interested in other articles like Summer hair care essentials kit or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Pinterest. 
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