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The Importance of Protein for Hair

Proteins are an essential component of hair and play a critical role in its strength and appearance. That’s why it is so important to be able to detect when the hair is in need of a protein boost. 


Why are proteins important for hair? 

Proteins, along with water, are the fundamental building blocks of the hair fiber. Hair is mainly made up of a protein called keratin. When hair lacks protein, it tends to become brittle, weak, and prone to breakages. This can lead to a variety of issues, such as hair loss and dullness. 

A lack of protein can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor diet, aging, stress, sun exposure, and pollution. To keep hair looking healthy and beautiful it’s important to include specific products that provide this necessary component and in so doing to ensure correct hair nourishment. 


What is a Hair Protein Treatment? 

Protein treatments are specially designed to restore and strengthen the hair by providing an extra dose of protein. There are intensive therapies that are usually performed in beauty salons and at-home hair care treatments that help prolong the results. 

A protein treatment usually involves applying a protein-rich formula directly to the hair. This formula may contain ingredients such as keratin or amino acids, which are essential for strengthening hair. The result is stronger, softer and shinier hair. 


How do I know if I need a protein treatment for my hair? 

Determining if your hair needs a protein treatment is usually quite straightforward. Here are some signs that your hair might be in need of a protein boost: 

  • Loss of strength and elasticity: If you notice that your hair breaks easily or feels weak to the touch, it's an indication that it might be lacking in protein. 
  • Rough and dull texture: Dull and coarse-textured hair is another sign that you need protein to smooth and strengthen your hair cuticle. 
  • Excessive  chemical treatments: If you've subjected your hair to chemical treatments, such as bleaching or straightening, it's likely that proteins were lost in the process. 
  • Exposure to the sun and heat: Prolonged exposure to the sun and heat sources can damage the structure of the hair, so a protein treatment can help repair this damage.   
  • Split ends: Split ends are a clear sign of hair damage. A protein treatment can help reduce and prevent proteins. 


Best Protein Hair Products 

The Protein Force range of products from the Hair Lab line is the recommended treatment for thinning hair that needs a protein boost. The product formulas contain low-molecular-weight hydrolyzed keratin that can penetrate the deeper layers of the hair fiber to repair, strengthen and protect it.  

This treatment has been designed to be applied both in the salon, in combination with other treatments, and for follow-up home hair care.  


In short, proteins play a crucial role in the health and appearance of hair. If you notice that your hair is showing signs of weakness, damage, or dullness, a protein treatment could be the solution to revitalize your locks. Don't underestimate the importance of protein for hair; it’s the secret behind a beautiful and healthy mane. 

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