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What does it mean to have a keratin straightening treatment?

Keratin is a protein present in the hair with protective properties that make it look strong, soft and shiny. However, over the years, this protein is lost, and the body is not able to produce enough to replenish it completely. A keratin treatment reinforces the restoration of this protein, repairing and nourishing the hair fiber to recover its original beauty. 

The advantages of keratin 

Keratin treatments offers multiple advantages: 

 - Hair fiber repair. 

 - Deep-reaching nourishment. 

 - Softness and shine. 

 - Reduced frizz. 

How long does a keratin hair treatment last? 

The duration of a keratin treatment can range between 2 and 4 months, but will depend on the type of treatment and, above all, on the correct use of maintenance products. 

Types of keratin treatments  

There are several types of keratin treatments which can be chosen to suit the needs of the hair. 

Reconstructive keratin treatment 

Some keratin treatments such as the Keratin Shot treatment seek to repair the hair fiber without changing the shape of the hair. This treatment is suitable for people who want to strengthen their hair, add softness, and maintain natural waves or curls. With this treatment, the hair retains its natural body and volume. 

Straightening keratin treatment 

On the other hand, we have keratin treatments designed to straighten. These treatments not only repair the hair fiber, but also reduce curls, facilitate straight styling, and offer volume and frizz control. Within this treatment category, we have Keratin Shot+Keramix, Co-wash and the Kap's Filler treatment. 

Should keratin treatments be used on damaged hair? 

When confronted with damaged hair we must always analyze the origin of the problem. If the cause is a lack of keratin, the keratin treatment is recommendable for recovery. 

Which is the best keratin treatment? 

All the keratin treatments we have mentioned offer an optimal result. The choice of one or the other will depend on the needs of the hair and the result we want to obtain. The advice of a stylist is essential to know which is the most suitable treatment for each hair type. 

Can I apply it at home? 

Salerm Cosmetics keratin treatments are professional treatments that must always be applied by a professional hairdresser to ensure the desired results. In addition, as we have mentioned, a prior hair evaluation is essential to understand the condition of the hair and assess the application of any keratin treatment. 

Which products should be used for follow-up hair care after a keratin treatment? 

After the application of a keratin treatment, we must use the recommended maintenance products to guarantee the correct duration of the result. In the case of the Keratin Shot and Co-wash treatments, we should use the maintenance products of the Keratin Shot range (shampoo, mask, and serum); in the case of the Kap's Filler treatment, we must use the shampoo and mask from the same range. 

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