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Which Biokera Fresh treatment is most suitable for your hair?

There’s a Biokera Fresh treatment that’s perfect for your hairFind out which organic hair care routine is best for you and get ready to try out this 100% vegan hair care a go  If you’re an unconditional fan of vegan cosmeticsthen you’ll be crazy about our last product launchWe’ve added some new products to our most natural hair care range to ensure that you can find the ideal treatment for youChoose your products according to your hair’s needsbut whatever your hair typethe Biokera Fresh treatment range will give you the care your hair deserves.   

Your hair needs... 


- Repair and protection 

Then get ready for the coming season with a hair care treatment that will protect your hair and restore lost silkiness and shine. The new Yellow Shot treatment from the Biokera Fresh range is formulated with a cocktail of natural, yellow ingredients that will give your hair recharging boost of vitamins and minerals, enough to repair even the most damaged manes.    Its three steps(shampoomask and oilwill become your true and trusted repair and protection routine if you want to your hair to feel stronger and look shinier and be better protected.   

Keeps blond looking fresh for longer 

Do you suffer from yellow and brassy hues, which appear in your blond locks just a few days after you’ve stepped out of the salon? Biokera Fresh has a 100% vegan hair care range that’s just for you. Violet Shot with natural blue and violet pigments tones hair color while nourishing it and keeping it looking younger at the same time. Violet Shot is, without a doubt, an antiaging elixir for hair.   

Recover lost vitality 

If what your hair needs is a recharging boost to restore lost vitality, then the best recipe for you is the Biokera Fresh Green Shot green cocktail hair care treatment. This treatment is ideal for keeping your hair hydrated and in tip-top health and is suitable for all types of hair. Leave your boring and inefficient hair care routine behind you and try the new fresh experience for a whole host of new sensations for you and your hair.    So, do you know which is the Biokera Fresh treatment best suited to your hairIf you’re still not sure, put your trust in the recommendations of your salon stylist and join the fresh revolution.    And if you’re interested in other articles like “Which Biokera Fresh treatment is best suited to your hair” or you want to stay ahead of the latest trends, get some daily hair care tips or find out what’s hot in hairstyling, then follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Pinterest. 
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    Which Biokera Fresh treatment is most suitable for your hair?
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